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The untimely loss of both my parents within a span of three years left me with the complex task of dealing with their estate. It disrupted every part of my life and left little time to grieve.  The most frustrating aspect was the realization that some simple financial strategies and improved estate planning could have prevented much of it. This journey eventually led me to partner with ELITEAM FINANCIAL STRATEGIES  combining a comprehensive approach to life planning with my decades as a real estate professional. What is important is that my advice acts as a comprehensive guide, directing clients in their financial planning covering fundamental areas such as asset protection, capital growth, tax diversification, and real estate investments. This guidance begins with evaluating what is presently in place.


For starters,  it is essential to have a living trust. Even if you have a will, if your real estate or other assets of value are not in a trust then your beneficiaries will need to go through a time-consuming expensive probate process. 


If the bulk of your wealth is tied up in property, it's essential to strategize for its future. It generally takes many months if not over a year to sell a property. I found myself burdened with a hefty mortgage, a shell of a business, countless expenses, and minimal cash liquidity to manage everything. This forced me to personally cover most of the costs until the majority of the property-based estate was sold.


Proper estate planning  would have avoided this entire situation. Much accumulated wealth is lost just by not having a comprehensive financial plan in place. As I began to explore the complexities of how to most effectively utilize simple or even creative financial protection strategies, the more savvy easy to implement investment approaches I uncovered.

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There are many simple financial strategies within the life insurance realm that can be used as tax-saving investment tools that build wealth and protect assets. In addition to term life insurance, which pays the beneficiary within a specific time period, there is permanent or whole insurance. There are not term limits with this type of policy and it can also function as a financial strategy. Additionally it offers numerous tax-saving possibilities for every budget, while protecting assets with a death benefit and generating dividends. What is lesser known is that it t can also be used as collateral for a loan, a concept known as the Infinite Banking ConceptFinancial protection through a policy such as an Indexed Universal Life or IUL, is a vehicle for accumulating wealth and accessing capital. In contrast to a 401K or IRA, an IUL investment has no contribution limits, tax-free distribution and death benefits plus the cash value can be accessed via tax-free loans.

For example, a real estate investor might consider utlizing the cash value of an income producing insurance investment policy to purchase property. Leveraging the cash value of a policy allows an investor to put their money to work in two places at one time because the cash value never leaves the policy and continues to earn dividends or interest. This then achieves a higher combined growth rate than if simply invested or used seperately. When structured properly, whole life policies generate a unique income stream that increases the equity in the policy over time and essentially creates your own bank!

At ELITEAM FINANCIAL STRATEGIES we collaborate and advise in the markets of Annuities, Indexed Universal Life, Life Insurance and other Tax-Saving Strategies that collectively offer Estate Planning options to protect yourself, family or even your business. As your Fiduciary Advisor, this is a unique integration of financial strategies along with real estate advisement. My ultimate goal is to advise on which life and asset protection strategy is uniquely best suited for each client.

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